Our Story

Cherishing the flavours of our culinary heritage

Millets are one of the oldest grains consumed by humans that dates back to 5000 years!. Yeah, you read that right. No wonder why our ancestors lived so long. As we evolved, our lifestyles underwent a narrow transformation that inclined towards unhealthy food practices. What if we can bring back the goodness of our ancient grains with a delicious touch? That’s the spark for Native Touch. 

From Millet Lover to Innovator

Inspired by their own drive and motivation, Radesh Boopathy and Kamalesh Boopathy, the founders of Native Touch, embarked on bringing this idea to life in 2021. They were serious millet lovers for the past 7 years. But most of the millet options in the market were restricted only for lunch. Why can’t a millet rich food become a breakfast or a dinner? Why can’t millets be fused with a modern touch? Native Touch was the answer to all their curious questions. 

Why millets?

Millets are an excellent source of Protein, Fibre, Vitamins and minerals. They aid in good digestion too. With a very low glycemic index, having millets in our everyday meal helps us to regulate blood sugar levels and reduces the risk of diabetes. Rich in antioxidants, reduces cholesterol level, Gluten-free, and what not? They are life saviours, quite literally. 

And the best part is, you can now have them in the form of Noodles, Pasta and Vermicelli with Native Touch. 

Quality is our utmost Priority

We are on a mission to make lives better and healthier. We never compromise on quality. We start the process by carefully selecting the finest millets from top notch farms. These millets then undergo meticulous processing with our cutting-edge technology in our spacious factory. We’ll ensure that every stage of production upholds rigorous hygiene standards. Get ready for a delightful delicacy that’s straight out of diligent craftsmanship.

Why Native touch?

Unlike other products in the market that claim to be millet-based but contain a very less
percentage, we distinguish ourselves by offering the highest percentage of miller in our
products. We ensure that you receive the fullest benefits of millet in every bite.

Our standout feature is our unfried noodles, which are not only healthier but also contain zero
added preservatives. We believe that your health is our wealth.

Maida is the major cause for weight gain, obesity and elevated cholesterol. We have eliminated
that ingredient from our product. Now you can relish your noodles with the utmost satisfaction of
having nourished food.

Our tastemaker comes with 100% natural spices that add a true, natural and nourishing taste to
your bowl. No artificial flavours! It’s naturally yummy!